Time for a strip down

So this weekend it's time for a strip down of the hotend.  I got Octoprint up and running again and Octolapse working well, although I still need to look at the quality of the camera as it’s not as good as I would like. I even got the printer talking to discord and keeping me updated on with progress shots.

The next successful upgrade was putting some dampeners on the x, y and extruder stepper motor and that reduced the decibel value down from 75db down to 63db so that was a great improvement. Although those control box fans are now making their-selves know with the reduced stepper gear noise so that may be the next upgrade.

But back to the strip down. I got a blockage half way through a print of a tv controller box I was doing and I suspect it’s in the normal place which is the heat break in the all metal hotend. Probably caused by when the last print started the nozzle was far to close to the bed so something is off with the bed levelling sensor. That’s probably cause some sort of backup in the hotend. Hopefully it will be a quick fix and not a week long battle like I had recently with bad flow and partial prints.

New colour

Been testing out the new colours from 3dqf. Cans in pearl black and pours in pearl blue, pearl plum and pearl purple. 


Hard to pick a favourite.

3D Printing

So I decided to get a 3D printer. After a bit of youtubing and reading I went for the Creality CR-10s and I plan to blog about my successes and failures here.