Yashica Mat repaired and ready for action

My dad dug out his old Yashica Mat for me. The shutter was jammed and it was full of dust, probably from years of me fiddling with it when I was younger.  I can remember using it as a toy rather than a camera.  Despite that it's in good condition so decided to get it repaired and do some medium format film photography.  It takes 6x6cm negatives so you get 12 images per roll of 120mm film.

I sent it off to CameraTik for repair and now it's back and fully functioning.  Just waiting for some some 120mm film to arrive before running a few test rolls through it.  Initially I will get the film developed in a lab but I still have all the development drums and kit in my parents loft so may look to do some home development later on if initial results turn out well.