Hello Lightroom

There have been many internet threads about the pros and cons of using Aperture vs Lightroom.  I have used Aperture quite happily for a good while and the scope of the tool set is quite comprehensive.  However I have been increasingly aware of the slow level of development on Aperture and sure Aperture 4 will arrive soon but in what form and with what features who knows. Also the majority of learning materials and industry standard seems to be Lightroom bias.  So I have decided to take a look at Lightroom to see which I prefer and to make a decision as to which way to go for the future.

All my files were within Apertures own organisation so the first step was to get them out and referenced so I could use them in both systems.  To so this I used the following write-up.

Moving from Aperture 3 to Lightroom 4

I will do a write-up on my conclusions and a decision on which way I'll go after I have had time to explore all the features.