Introducing Philippa

PHILIPPA - Practice Head for Investigating Lighting Ideas, Placements and Power Arrangements.


I needed something to use for experimenting with different light modifiers and lighting setups. Doing it in the studio with model obviously is better and more realistic but it costs more and would bore a model senseless. Ideally a full size mannequin would be ideal but I don't have the space for it so went for the next best option just the head.  This obviously doesn't help with directing a model or rapport but let's work on one thing at a time.

I got Philippa off eBay for £14 and she is designed with a long neck and base for showing wigs and jewellery. The extra height means that i can light her more easily without having to worry too much about the table surface or stand providing extra unwanted fill. The wigs are also eBay and about £3 each.

The wigs aren't too bad considering the price and the skin tone on Philippa is pretty good, a bit more reflective than skin but easy to account for.  Plus she packs away in a box quite neatly.  I'll give a more detailed update once I have had chance to point a flash at her and see how she looks under lights.  Either way she will serve the purpose of letting me compare lighting angles and modifiers together with the shadows and fall off.

So it's a warm welcome to my new photography assistant Philippa :)

In her blond wig.

In her blond wig.