Start of a New Year and the Plan.

Last year wasn't a great year for my photography what with breaking my arm, having an extension done at home and projects at work.  All in all I think I only managed about half a dozen shoots and little time for personal projects.

For the year ahead I plan to get in a lot more shoots (if you fancy working with me just let me know) but I also want to spend some time doing some other projects like macro and some high speed photography using flashes to freeze motion.  There should be some exciting news on the flash front later in the year with the prospect of the Vela One being available that can freeze motion at 1/2,000,000 of a second as opposed to a normal flash at 1/128 power that can achieve around 1/20,000.

In the meantime I have been revisiting a few older shoots and picked out some new images to edit.


If you fancy working with me this year let me know and we can sort it out :)