Fast Eddie Glamour Workshop

I had the pleasure of attending Fast Eddie's Glamour Workshop at Spitfire Studios on Sunday and thought I would provide a little write up of the event.

The first thing I have to say is how lovely and well organised Ed is.  As soon as I had expressed an interest in attending the course Ed gave me a call to discuss what it was all about and to talk about whether it was the right thing for me before a penny had changed hands.  Then 2 days before the course Ed phoned again to check if I had any questions and to run through the plan for the day to check it was going to meet my needs.  He had also taken the trouble to look at everyone's websites or portfolios to assess where everyone was and how he could structure the course at the right level and meet everyone's needs.

The day itself started with an overview of arranging a shoot and some general tips of etiquette.  Ed had brought along ChaCha to model for us and she was happy to share everything from a models perspective which provided a better understanding of the photographer / model dynamic.

We then moved on to lighting for glamour starting off with a simple one light setup and getting all the exposure, colour balance etc right before looking at more complex setups.  This included using clam shell lighting, separation of black against black background and being more creative with black backgrounds.  Throughout the day we were all given time to work with ChaCha with feedback from both Ed and ChaCha helping to refine the images.  Especially useful was the honest and helpful critic from ChaCha, her experience showed in her ability to pick up on even the smallest details of an image that make the big differences in the end result.

We finished off the day with looking at shooting to a theme and a look at Ed's workflow for post processing.  The day was full of little tricks and tips through out and there were far too many to mention here.  Your best bet is to find one of Ed's workshops near you and attend.  It's a great course and he's a great guy to know and having attended one his course he is more than happy to help you out with any queries or feedback at a later date.

Further images from the day can be found in the ChaCha gallery. Click the link here