Queens Park photo walk

Was free for a lunchtime and the sun was shining so decided to take the time to wander over to Queens Park in Swindon with my iPhone and see what pictures I could find.  The pink blossom was out on the trees, a few bluebells about and geese with young.  Found a good selection of things to capture and must go back with the DSLR soon.

Spotting the image

I had spent the previous hour painting a cardboard volcano with my 3 year old son.  Not one for brush discipline he just uses the same brush for every colour.  While clearing up I noticed what an interesting pattern this had made in the paint pots.  I quickly got out the camera placed the paints on one of his white chairs and this is the result.

I added a multi-colour border in Aperture using BorderFX to pull together the feel of the image.