Allotment Mole

There seem to be a good few moles down at the allotment lately.  I found this one just laying on the surface.  Who know what fate had become of him but I put him on a nearby wood stump to get a picture of him together with a more traditional setting in the dirt.

Queens Park photo walk

Was free for a lunchtime and the sun was shining so decided to take the time to wander over to Queens Park in Swindon with my iPhone and see what pictures I could find.  The pink blossom was out on the trees, a few bluebells about and geese with young.  Found a good selection of things to capture and must go back with the DSLR soon.

Silhouette Frame

Saw this natural framing of the tree through the other branches against the setting sun so took out my iPhone and took the picture.

NIK Software and Stef

I decided to do try out the NIK Color Etex Pro on a recent shot of Stef at the Get Flash course.  One thing is for sure if I'm going to do a lot of editing I'm going to need a faster computer than my old MacBook.  It took about 20 minutes to render the final image with all the effects.

I used skin softener, B&W Conversion with opacity turned down and detail enchancer for the stone work and one of the vintage film style (type 2).


Searching through my iPhone and came across this picture that I hadn't used before.  I imported it into the new Photoshop Touch iPhone app and applied a few tweaks to give it more of a high saturation and contrast look.

The Photoshop Touch app looks good but I'm not sure the useability of having layers and masks on such a small screen.  Plus being use to Lightroom I like have have all the adjustment sliders available to balance the effects rather than selecting and applying each in turn.


Just jamming dad - nice!!

I was playing around with some B&W filters, grain and some selective spotlighting to give a different feel to this picture from the other morning.

If you like the effect you'll be pleased to know I'm doing a film noir lighting course next weekend. I'll post some pictures from that in a couple of weeks time together with a review of the course.