Bridal Dreams

I managed to find time to edit a concept that I came up with a while ago but have been waiting for a suitable subject. I needed someone that had a strong contrast between two different looks.  The idea was to use the mirror to in some way access the persons hopes and dreams or alter ego by reflecting back not reality but what the individual wanted to see.  

I had Nicole in the studio in the wedding dress for a completely different concept (more on that later in the year) and she had sent me a picture of her in the floral dress to show how pink her hair was before the shoot.  I asked her to bring it along as it had a strong contrast to the wedding dress and a slightly dreamy light pattern to it.

We did the wedding dress pictures first and then after Nicole had got changed we went through and reviewed the pictures to check poses and positions to make sure we were as close as possible to a mirror image.  Despite that when I came to do the post processing there was a small amount of work needed to reconstruct part of the wedding dress as it was partly obscured by a hand. 

Check back later in the week as I will be doing a write up on the lighting, post processing and show the original images that went into the final image.