A visit to Spitfire Studios

I went over to Spitfire Studio last night to see the facilities and to have a quick one hour shoot with Imogen.

I got there about 8pm and Mellisa and Henry were there to greet me and run me through all the kit and get an initial set of lighting up and running.  The studio is well kitted out and has all that you would need with lots of options.

Imogen was modelling for the evening and was so easy to work with and really helped out working on a minimal amount of instruction from me initially as I gained a bit of confidence.  As the evening progressed I became more confident and learnt lots, it was a very worth while trip and I had a very enjoyable evening. Below are a few of the shots from the session.  I still have a load more to sort through and process and will put these in the Photo Shoots - Imogen gallery